Why You Should Donate Blood – The Benefits Will Convince You

Have you ever donated blood before, are you a regular donor? If your answer is NO, this article may help you see the need to become a blood donor. It is inspired by my experience.

I donated blood for the first time only recently. The decision came after much convincing and advocacy. Now I wish I had decided long ago to be a blood donor. There are so many gains from donating blood that surpasses whatever fears you may have, whether it’s the fear of the needle as it was partly for me or something ‘greater’. I couldn’t imagine being pricked and pierced with a needle and lying down for as long as it takes, watching my blood flow visibly through a tube into a plastic bag. That fear was gone after my first donation. It was a false fear.

Now I appreciate the importance of donating blood as I began to enjoy some of the benefits almost immediately. Before talking more on the benefits, let’s look at situations where your blood may be needed. This should help you understand and appreciate why you should become a donor and donate blood regularly.

The following are some situations where blood transfusion is needed, hence where the blood you donate can be used:

  1. Women with complications of pregnancy, such as ectopic pregnancies and haemorrhage (before, during and after childbirth)
  2. Children with severe anaemia often resulting from malaria or malnutrition
  3. People with severe trauma following man-made and natural disasters
  4. Many complex medical and surgical procedures and cancer patients

As you can see, your blood can save lives. The knowledge that you can save many lives and bring joy to many faces by donating blood should be enough to convince you of the need to be a donor. But it might interest you to know that you stand to gain greatly too, health-wise, from donating blood.

Consider the following health benefits of donating blood:

#1   Improves heart health

Donating blood improves your overall cardiovascular health. It can reduce the chances of heart attack by 88%. Also, donating blood can lower the risks of severe cardiovascular vent such as stroke by 33%. Why not stay healthy for your loved ones by donating blood regularly?

#2   Burns calories

Donating blood on a regular basis can also improve fitness. It is said that donating one pint (450 ml) of blood burns 650 calories in your body. That is 3 times more calories than from running for 20 minutes at 6 mph on a treadmill. It only takes between 10 to 15 minutes to fetch one pint of blood from your body. So you see, you enjoy the benefit of saving lives while keeping fit by donating blood.

#3   Reduces risk of cancer

According to Miller-Keystone Blood Center, consistent blood donation is associated with lower risks of cancer, including liver, lung, stomach and throat cancers. Risk level is said to drop in correlation with how often a participant donates blood. Your loved ones want you to live long; donating blood can help you stay healthy for them.

#4   Enhances the production of new blood cells

When your blood is withdrawn, your body immediately begins to replenish the lost blood. New cells are produced by the marrow within 48 hours of donation. That way, all the red blood cells lost during donation are completely replaced within one to two months. This process of replenishment can help your body stay healthy and work more efficiently. When you lose something relevant you find the need to get a new one to enjoy. It is a similar thing here, only in this case you don’t have to pay a dime. You lose it and then gain it back even better.

#5   Enhanced feeling of well being

It is said that many people who are in good health have reported feeling invigorated and reenergized by giving blood on a regular basis. Well, I am an addition to this class of people. After donating blood, I had a long unusual afternoon sleep. When I woke up, I felt like my whole body has been reengineered. I felt refreshed and more alive than I was before the donation.

Judging from the result of my first blood donation – the evident health benefits and the joy of knowing I would be saving lives, I have resolved to be a regular donor. What more, my initial fears are gone. Yes, that easily gone. Sometimes we live with very unnecessary fears, but it’s only when we face those fears that we can liberate ourselves.

I urge you to become a donor today and you will be happy you did. Your blood can save a life, in fact, many lives. Share life by giving blood. Besides, you get to be ‘saved’ too judging by the health benefits of donating. It is indeed in giving that we receive – give blood today and receive good health.

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