Why do people have sex?

Some people have sex because they want to procreate, some simply because they want to have an orgasm. They feel tense, and need to relieve themselves.

People have sex for several reasons. There are those who do it because of emotional reasons such as love, commitment or gratitude. Some other people have sex just to boost self-esteem, or because they feel a sense of duty or pressure from their partner.

Sex, for some persons, could be motivated by the need to relief stress, to exercise or to fulfil sexual curiosity. It may even be simply because of attraction to a person.

Sex is much more than what many people take it to be. Sex is art. People who recognize this truth have sex more because they want to create.

They want to create something beautiful; they want to create an experience and a connection. For such people, what they really want is to create intense feelings in their partner and enjoy the beauty of their creation.

Now that is art, and it is really what sex should be like.

Why do people have sex

Why do you have sex?

Do you have sex because you want to create art? Or do you do it because you want to use your partner to have an orgasm?

You see, the tendency for many people is to go with the later. This is especially true for men. Research shows that men seek sex because they like how it feels. On the other hand, women, besides deriving pleasure from the sex, are generally more interested in the relationship enhancement sex brings.

When you view sex as art, you become person-centred, having sex to connect with your partner. You are concerned with the feelings and emotions you create in your partner and between you two more than in how you alone feel. This sexual attitude turns sex from a selfish engagement into an instrument for bonding and intimacy.

If you are creative with sex, you enjoy giving as much as you enjoy receiving. And in fact, giving the options, you would prefer to be the giver. By making sex selfless, deriving pleasure from the satisfaction of your partner, you create a healthy environment for your relationship to thrive.

Also, this view of sex makes you focus more on your partner during sexual intercourse. It makes you sensitive, listening, patient and understanding. Above all, it heightens your sense of sexual imagination, making you explore new ways of keeping sex active and enjoyable in your relationship.

When you view sex as art, you become a creator of something beautiful, something wonderful and pleasing to experience.

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