When You Are In Love

Love is not lust but you will be surprised at how many people confuse one for the other. It appears that love is like lust in many regards until you can tell the difference between the two. Here is how to differentiate love from lust:

When you are in love you point out their mistakes, in lust you look past their foolishness

When you are in love you say what they need to hear, in lust you say want they want to hear

When you are in love they are perfectly imperfect, in lust they are perfectly perfect

When you are in love you dress to please, in lust you dress to kill

When you are in love the future is visible, in lust the future is unknown

When you are in love silence is golden, in lust silence is awkward

When you are in love you know them well, in lust you know them hardly

When you are in love you talk about everything, in lust you talk about a few things

When you are in love the time is always, in lust the time is only now

When you are in love you feel as light as air, in lust you feel as heavy as earth

Love is a lot unlike lust

Love is comfort

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Relationship Watch

Relationship Watch

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    Great and wise thoughts.

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    Great truths