Vera my sweet Valentine – A special Valentine poem to my Vee

Vera my sweet Valentine, Vera my Vee

Like honeybee, what you make is fresh

I can’t call it honey, it’s simply sweeter

I call you Honey albeit you are better

You are truer than any of the genus Apis

You are kind, you are caring, you are unique

You hive my heart in yours, safe from preying eyes

Nourishing it relentlessly with pleasant vibes

Vera my sweet Valentine, Vera my Vee

You make me laugh, you make me smile

You make in me a piquant heart

A heart as sweet as nectar

Here in this heart you always dwell

Doing two priceless things, one at a time

Bearing off my weak spot, lending to my sweet spots

Beefing up my strengths, eroding my weaknesses

Vera my sweet Valentine, Vera my Vee

You are all I need, am glad I’ve got thee

You pollinate my virgin heart

With fragrance grains the shape of love

Now it bears trust, honesty and kindness

Now it has the voice to always say I love you

I love you my Vee, even when I hate you

When you sting me like bumblebee

With itching heart I love you still

Vera my sweet Valentine, Vera my Vee

You are my stretch, a part of my being

The best woman in the world I see

With a heart weaved of halcyon stuff

A beauty within and without so divine

I love you without a reason, I simply do

My Vee, my Valentine, my heart is yours

This very special day and all else to come

Take it as always, make it your home

Now and ever it belongs to you

Like honeycomb to bees

I know you know

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