Two Different Strategies For Holding On To A Woman You Love

When you meet a woman you love, and you feel she is perfect to hold on to, there are two strategies that I have realized you can choose from regarding how you behave. You either choose to be in control all the time or to let go (freestyle).

One of these strategies often works better than the other.

Strategy #1:  Being in control

Men who choose this strategy portray that they know deep inside that they are not good enough for the woman.

Such men are willing to do anything to keep a woman interested in them. They think that giving and giving; spending lots of money on her and showering her with so much attention is the best way to win her.

A controlling man thinks of anything that will give his desired woman an incentive to see him. He will give her compliments, fix her problems, buy her gifts, and give her emotional support. The man does this sometimes even when the woman doesn’t want any of it. And he strives to sustain it necessarily after he wins her.

In the early stages of the relationship, the man would want to know about everything that is going on in the relationship and in the woman’s life. He would want to know what she is doing, thinking, and feeling – at all times. The man will always try to be one step ahead of any problems that may arise, so he can be sure that the woman wants to stay in the relationship.

As you may have rightly deduced, this isn’t the best strategy to use with a woman you desire to spend your life with. The second strategy is letting go, and it does often work better than the first.

Holding on to a woman you love

Let go, if it’s darker in front she will see your light behind and turn around

Strategy #2:  Letting go

Going by this strategy, you don’t force things, you allow things to flow naturally. If the woman is interested in you, she will eventually want to see you. And if she feels you are not good enough, then she is not good enough for you. If that’s the case, you move on quietly with life and with no regrets, saving yourself from a lifetime of possible deception.

A man who goes with this strategy knows deep inside that he is good enough for his desired woman. He doesn’t have to falsely show certain good (or bad) qualities, because the woman will find out the truth sooner or later anyway. The only thing he will care about is to know if the woman is truly someone he wants in his life.

The man strives to get to know the woman in her true self and also give her a fair chance to get to know him in the same light.

When you choose this approach, you let go of all control, of self and of the other. You don’t need to know what your woman is doing, thinking or feeling at all times. You don’t have to pretend to be this or not to be that. Put simply, you free her, and you stick to the real your. She lives her own life, and you pay less attention to how she lives it. You live your own life too without fear of rejection.

In the formative stage of the relationship you won’t try to do much to get the woman’s attention. You don’t pressure her and you don’t attempt to ‘buy’ her; you want things to unfold naturally. This way, she gets to accept you for who you really are and not for what you want her to belief.

If you eventually get this woman you love, you acknowledge that problems are inevitable in any relationship, and you trust that you can handle any issue when it arises. In fact, you anticipate problems, knowing that problems offer opportunities for learning. It is better if things get sorted out now than later.

This strategy, I think, would build a more sustainable relationship, one based on sincerity not falsehood.

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