7 Things Every Man Wants From His Wife (A must read)

Marriage is suppose to be a safe haven for a woman; a place where she is completely herself and feel most alive. It is meant to be a sanctuary of love, joy, peace, blissfulness and romance. These benefits do not come readily without work. The work that is required in order to enjoy these benefits begins with knowing the things every man want from his wife. This is easier when you understand your husband and can anticipate his needs.

Generally, the following practices would keep love brewing in marriage and make a husband love his wife without ceasing:

#1  Respect

This is the first commandment, an absolute requirement. A woman who wants to retain the love of her husband cannot do so without respect. When you respect your spouse, you will regard him highly, speak well of him to others, show common courtesies when necessary and not argue with him especially in public. Always be conscious of and examine your behaviour and responses.

Respect is the door to a man’s love chamber; every man want its. Exercise it and you will continue to enjoy the love he promised you during the marriage vow. The truest form of love is how one behaves towards someone, and not how one feel about them. Respect is love in action, and a man will love you without ceasing if you are respectful. Respect is truly reciprocal.

#2  Praises

It is not women alone who desire and enjoy showers of praises. Who doesn’t like something good? A man needs the approval and support of his wife. Your spouse confides in you because they believe in you. It is only right that you commend him on his achievements. Sincere praise is what I am talking about here, if you exaggerate you risk sending the wrong signal. If you praise your partner when he does something worthy of it, you increase his confidence in you and make him love and respect you the more.

#3  Touching

The power of touch in any relationship cannot be overemphasized. Touch relieves torture. Way too often in marriage people neglect this practice and thus rob the relationship off the closeness and bonding that it facilitates. Make it a habit to touch, hold and kiss your husband regularly especially when he arrives home from an outing. This will make your man emotionally attached to you and always want to be around you. You might be surprise that the reason he would leave work early for home is because he simply can’t wait to feel your touch. Men can be very emotional. When you increase your husband’s emotional reservoir, you get the attention you deserve at any time.

#4  Less Drama

This one goes hand in hand with respect. Marriage like any other relationship has its ups and downs. You cannot rule out conflicts in marriage but what is important is how you react when it happens. When problems occur remember that the only person you can control is you. Be calm, get yourself in order and think of a way to resolve the issue. Do not throw blames but rather address your own faults and inspire amiable settlement through apologies.

Avoid the trap of always wanting to be right as this will mean that you would cast the blame on your partner. It is not a competition. Being right might make you feel safe and in control but it comes at a cost of a weaker bond between you and your partner. It might even cause him to have depleted regard for you. Acceptance is not a weakness and apology doesn’t cost a kobo. Be a mama, put on less drama and earn your man’s love and respect.

#5  Homeliness

Women are home builders, they own the house. You can tell a man with a homely wife when he goes out with her to events or when you visit his residence. You are graced with a friendly welcome from a kindhearted woman who cares for his husband and wants the world know she does. Such a woman is humble, simple, easy going and hardly makes demands. As a reward, she gets all she needs from her loving husband who eagerly anticipates her needs. She is a mother and a home keeper; she decides what goes out and what comes into the home to make it a better place. Every man respects a woman like this. Be a homely wife and enjoy the love of your husband and the admiration of his friends.

#6  Food

It is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This saying has stood the test of time and is indeed true. When you cook good food for your husband you continue to win his affections. A home can break and a marriage can end in divorce if a woman doesn’t cook food for her husband or ceases to do so altogether. Even if you have a maid who cooks for the family due to lack of time from work, make time out at least once in a week to prepare for your husband a special meal by yourself. It is romantic to cook and eat with your husband, don’t let the maid do it for you and earn his affection.

#7  Sex and Romance

I must say that there is more than one way to a man’s heart. Food has been declared one. Another indispensable way, and perhaps the surest way, is through sex and romance. Sex may come readily but romance is something that doesn’t come naturally to most people. There lies your competitive advantage if need be. It takes conscious effort, planning and dedication to be romantic. Romance is the icing on love, it requires commitment and sacrifice. Sex is cheap but love and romance are priceless in a relationship.

Many times married couples begin to lag in exercising their sexual rights because they somehow allow the fire of love to grow dim. Romance can help you rekindle your love and get your sex life back up. When you bring sex back into your marriage in this manner, the bond between you and your partner grows boundlessly. A reason why men cheat on their wives could be the lack of romance and not necessarily the lack of sex. If your husband is not romantic bring him the romance and teach him to be, this way you take possession of his love.

I hope you find this tips helpful.

Have a beautiful relationship!

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