The Two Grand Rules Of Sex For Men


A man must recognize and maintain his masculinity when in bed with his partner if he wishes to make the sex great for his woman and himself.

There are two rules you have to follow to ensure this. These rules are so important that I consider them the grand rules of sex. Follow them, and everything will work out fine when ‘interacting’ with your woman in bed.

grand rules of sex for men

Grand rule #1

Do whatever you want to do when you want to do it, as long as she doesn’t complain.

Following this rule, you bear in mind that you can do whatever you feel like doing, without explaining yourself or excusing yourself. And you don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed.

There is really no better way to lead a blissful sexual interaction than doing whatever you feel like doing. Let go of all inhibitions, and let your feelings take control during sex. It is not your role to stop yourself. That is your woman’s role.

As long as she doesn’t complain or stop you, keep doing what you do. Keep doing whatever it is you are doing until you don’t want to, or until you want to do something else.

Grand rule #2

When you can’t do whatever you want to do, don’t fight it.

When your woman does not want to follow your lead, respect her decision. She is her own person, and is entitled to her decisions. Know that you cannot always get what you want, and she will not always accept what you bring.

Following this rule you accept that everyone live by Grand rule 1, including your woman. You don’t try to change her, or make her explain herself to you. You don’t criticize her, even when you disagree with her moves. And you don’t expect her to change her path to please you. You respect her decision.

This attitude is selfless, complementing that of Grand rule 1 which is selfish in nature.

During sex the two attitudes, selfish and selfless, may seem to go against each other. But you don’t use them at the same time.

Let the ‘selfish’ be your default attitude – do whatever you want to do when you want to do it. Keep doing what you do until you want to do something else, or until you don’t want to. But when your woman stops you, let the second attitude take over.

Accept that your woman is her own person with her own needs. And don’t question those needs. Just accept them, without reacting emotionally or starting to argue.

Grant your woman her needs when she signals.

You can switch back to the attitude for rule 1 afterwards and continue with whatever you feel like doing. And as long she doesn’t stop you or ask anything else from you, be selfish. Your selfishness is her selfishness. She enjoys receiving what you enjoy giving. And that is great sex.

Put these sex rules to practice and enjoy great sex with the woman you love.

Have a beautiful relationship!

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