The Melancholy Woman

The MELANCHOLY woman, she is a very faithful friend but doesn’t make friends easily.

She seldom pushes herself forward to meet people but rather let them come to her.

Her reluctance to put herself forward is often taken as an indication that she doesn’t enjoy people.

Disappointing experiences makes her reluctant to take people at face-value, thus she’s prone to be suspicious when others seek her out or shower her with attention.

It’s quite a pity that some people aren’t fortunate enough to understand her. Her perfectionist and conscientious nature do not permit her to let others down when they’re counting on her. If you ignore her today I would say it’s because you can’t measure up to her standard.

The melancholy woman acts so good to be perfect, and that worries you. You are just so imperfect to perfect her imperfections. She is far more worthy than you can comprehend; she is so too different from others that it scares you.

She proves you wrong and that disturbs you.

She act calm and take challenges head-on and that unsettles you.

She feels everything deeply, easily moved to tear but she can be unreasonably critical and hard on others.

She values people, she is easy to welcome people into her life but when you treat her like nothing she won’t hesitate to kick you out.

The melancholy woman has no time for dramas, deteriorating speech or inhuman treatment. She is compassionate.

Least I forget, she has no time for childishness and she knows her worth, and that makes her powerful.

The melancholy woman doesn’t compete to compliment you. She accepts the fact that she doesn’t compliment you, and you know why, because she compliment someone and something far greater than you would ever know.

She thanks God for her past and even the present. She has endured pains and hurt but that doesn’t define her. She and she alone have the power to define herself. She chooses not to let the present define her. In her the world sees a picture (an art) of a strong melancholy woman.

When you see the melancholy woman, you will recognize her. She is the woman for the strong man.


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