10 Signs That Shows She Is a Good Wife Material

Beauty, they say, is in the eyes of the beholder. When it comes to deciding what makes a woman a good wife material, people’s opinions will vary considerably. But this variation is to a large extent, a matter of priority.

One man may consider humility and respect as the chief traits he expects from a wife while another could be looking for ambitiousness and drive. A man may desire a woman who can cook while another wants to settle down with someone who has high sexual energy and is good in bed. Some men will not settle for anything less than a woman of a certain social class, while some would prefer to marry a naive village girl from their hometown.

Every man has a mental list, whether he is conscious of it or not, of the qualities he considers makes a woman a good wife material in order of priority. Many people only seek after the number 1, 2, 3 or so things on their list, while others want a woman who ticks all the check boxes.

A good wife will stand by you

What can you see, what can you say of this couple?

Below are 10 signs, in no particular order, that a woman is a good wife material.

#1   She is a keeper

She is a good wife material if she can keep things, especially the things she cherishes. A woman who is a keeper can manage, maintain and secure whatever she has in her possession, whether its belongs to her or not. Such a woman will not fail to take care of her man and the home.

#2    She is ambitious

If a woman is lazy and without dreams, she will hardly make a good wife. Such a woman will be more like a liability to her husband. An ambitious woman will work hard to succeed in anything she does, and will support and help her husband to achieve great things.

#3    She is modest in dressing

Personality matters. In the eyes of the world, what is good can be perceived by sight. A wife who dresses immodestly brings her husband shame. On the other hand, if a woman dresses decently she is perceived as virtuous until she proves herself otherwise through her actions. We are addressed the way we dress.

#4    You find her sexy

If you find a woman to be very attractive and she is attracted to you too, you are most likely to be sexually compatible. Sex is an important part of marriage. A good wife material should be able to make you feel the need to consummate your marriage, and continue to enjoy the union without the temptation of looking outside.

#5    She manages money well

Money problems have made many broken marriages. As a man, if your woman is good in managing money, you are lucky man. Your earnings, and hers, will multiply. You will hardly run dry because she knows when to spend, how to spend and on what to spend. She will teach you to save money and encourage you to invest.

#6    She is a great cook

It is commonly said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, I think the saying holds true for children too. If you agree with me, then you will agree also that a woman who knows how to cook has found the way to the hearts of his husband and kids. What better way to keep the home together?

#7    She cares about people

A woman who cares about other people who are not even relatives expresses herself as flatly loving. A husband will get much more love and care from her, especially if he treats her well.

#8    She shares her feelings

Good communication is key to relationship success, including marriage. When things go unattended to, or unnoticed over time they can create avoidable tension in the relationship. A woman who doesn’t hide her feelings is a good wife material. You are lucky if she knows just how to express her thoughts in a healthy manner.

#9    She is always happy

You have to love yourself before you can love others. Similarly, you have to be a happy person before you can make other people happy. Without happiness, a marriage will be like a graveyard. A woman who enjoys being happy, will get over things easily. She will also be able to communicate well, as she cannot, at least for the sake of her happiness, stand issues going unresolved for too long.

#10   She cares about your family

If a woman you are in relationship with sincerely shows great concerns for your family, she is a good wife material. Such a woman will take good care of your family members when they come around. She will make you a proud husband as everyone will sing her praise of being a good wife.

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