10 Tips To Bring Romance And Passion Back Into Your Marriage

bring romance and passion back

Let me begin this write-up with a question. Are you taking good care of the most important aspect of your marriage? And I am not talking about sex. I am asking about romance – initiator of the sparks and flames which bring lasting thrills and fun memories. I believe that romance is a very important aspect of marriage. It should not be overlooked.

Romance and passion are very important because from them stem intimacy. And of course, intimacy is crucial to the health of any relationship – hence its success.

It is common that at some point in marriage, some couples don’t experience the same romantic feelings they once enjoyed. The truth is that you can’t expect the intense feelings you have before engagement and early marriage to last without conscious efforts from you and your spouse.

To build a lasting marriage – one of oneness and intimacy, you and your spouse have to be committed to satisfying each other’s emotional and physical needs. As you actively choose to love based on this commitment, the romantic feelings will remain.

Now chances are that your marriage isn’t doing badly, and that is good. But no matter how good your marriage relationship is, you could still use some more romance in it. Here are 10 tips I feel could help you grow romance and passion in your marriage and increase intimacy with your partner:

#1   Stay in bed longer

When do you wake up in the morning and when does your spouse wake? I presume you and your spouse do wake same time. If so, spending some quality time together in bed shouldn’t be a problem. If you are not practicing this already, you should consider starting.

If you necessarily wake at different times during the week then this practice may be a bit challenging. But nonetheless, it can be arranged. You can ensure that you don’t miss out on spending time together in bed during weekends, even if it means waking up a little earlier than usual.

#2   Watch movies together

I believe everyone loves watching movies – it’s only a question of type. Create time and enjoy seeing a selected movie with your spouse. This could be arranged depending on your schedules. You can even surprise your partner with tickets to see a movie they love. This practice will strengthen communication between you and your husband or wife.

#3   Don’t have sex, make love

I love the term ‘make love’ as opposed to ‘have sex’ because of its sweet emotional connotation. Love making is sex with an icing of romance and emotional connection. When people have sex, there is no guarantee that the icing would be present. In fact, I propose you use less of the term ‘have sex’ in your marriage unless you are trying to stress a point. Think about it, which will earn you more attention from your spouse – ‘let’s make love’ or ‘let’s have sex’?

#4   Special text messages and emails

Express your thoughts about your spouse via text messages and emails. You can do this from the comfort of your office. It will even be delightful if you send such messages while lying right next to them. Try this and see how much positive change it brings into your marriage.

#5   Go on special dates

You did this often when you were courting even up to the time of your engagement. Why not now? It doesn’t have to end with the honeymoon. Go on special dates with your partner occasionally and watch how this practice will refresh your marriage.

#6   Recall and recreate good times

Don’t bottle up the fun memories – that would be very wasteful of you. Remind your husband or wife of ‘what’ they did ‘when’ and how you liked it. This practice will surely earned you many similar deeds in the future. Also discuss together shared fun memories from the past. You will be amazed at how much joy this will bring into your marriage.

#7   Communicate desires

Characteristically some people can hardly show their emotions. If you are the type, try to communicate clearly how you feel to your partner in words. Tell them you love them. Remind them how much you enjoy their company, and how attracted you are to them. Don’t believe that they should know this already. Even if they do, still mention it.

#8   Kiss passionately

Kissing is a key aspect of a successful marriage. It is a strong bonding factor. Couples that kiss passionately remain passionately in love. Kiss your partner to keep them close.

#9   Make yourself attractive

Remember those times when your appearance was a major concern for you when he or she is coming around? Well, that shouldn’t change. Always try to look good for your partner. You should already know your spouse’s taste. Watch your weight, shave, put on the right clothing at the right time. When you look attractive, they will always be attracted to you.

#10   Make romance a priority

This one is a fundamental reason. Make romance a priority for you. Always look to invent new ways of making romance and passion remain in your marriage. Be creative. Be committed. Be present.

Marriage should be as sweet as dating and courting, even sweeter. Do not let anything dull your romantic creativity in marriage. The above tips would surely add sparks to your marriage if practiced with devotion.

If you have children at home of any age, excerpt perhaps an infant, you may need to plan some of the activities. Romance doesn’t always have to be spontaneous – in fact it may be best planned in marriage given the many engagements that couples are faced with each day. Make conscious effort to let romance remain in your marriage. Keep your marriage fresh and you will find that it is one of the best things that have happened to you.

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