Create and Mindfully Shape Your Relationship Habits

There are two broad ways to succeed at anything in life. One way is to depend on luck and let life stir you to it while the other is to rely on careful planning and goal oriented actions. The first approach belongs to nonchalant people who are prepared to accept any outcome – success (which is highly uncertain) or failure which is most probable.

This is usually the way of those who have given up on life and the sickly lazy people. Such people are characterized by lukewarm attitudes towards anything they do and sometimes generally towards life. Everyone needs a bit of luck to succeed but success is more certain for those who plan and act on their plans.

As with anything in life, success in relationships is a lot about planning and acting too. To succeed, you have to develop carefully thought out strategies for strengthening your emotional and physical intimacy with your partner. Put your plans into action and with time they will become relationship habits to which you would attribute the success of your relationship.

Whether initiated by you or your partner, the plans may not be easy to carry out at first but with commitment you soon find yourself doing them with ease. And what is a relationship without commitment? Well, the answer is simple; it is not a relationship. Get yourself started with planning and acting, love is expressed by the way you act not the way you feel. The way you feel only mirrors your partner’s actions (expressions of love).

In case you can’t readily think out plans of action, here are some rewarding habits that you can imbibe or plan towards for the health of your relationship:

Say I love you in many ways

Create meaningful words that only you two understand

Make the most out of your time together

Do unexpected things for your partner

Be committed to helping them grow

Text to remind your partner you love them

Eat meals together as often as you can

Cook special food for your partner from time to time

These are just a few habits you can consider. Remember that a particular plan may work differently for different people. It is therefore important that you are sure that the habit you are creating is one that your partner welcomes and enjoys. It shouldn’t be about you but rather about your partner’s happiness. When you and your partner are committed to developing habits that interest each other, the relationship is sure to succeed.

Another thing to consider is the need for re-planning. Plans can become obsolete with time and consequently, actions based on such plans may prove unfruitful or simply ineffective. There is therefore need to introduce fresh energy into your relationship by creating and recreating new habits. Try new things from time to time. Look for ways to do the usual stuffs a little bit differently.

Workable approaches for doing things differently include changing the time, place or ways of doing them. For examples, if you used to throwing parties for your partner on their birthday, try making the day about just the two of you sometimes. Use the day to let your know how special they are to you and how much you cherish the day they were born.

Relationships are about commitment. Learn to understand your partner.

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