Privacy Policy

The privacy of your personal information is important to us here at Relationship Watch. In a bid to maintain transparency this Privacy Policy discloses how we may collect data from you, the type of data we collect and how they are being used and safeguarded.

Below are the information we may retrieve from you and data that Relationship Watch (RW) may interact with when you visit:

Email Addresses

We collect this information through our email subscription forms and when you contact us using the forms in the Contact Us page. Information collected from these sources are not sold to any third parties. We store them securely on our server to be used to reach you with updates on RW that might be of interest to you and help you maintain blissful relationships. We may equally reach you with product/service offerings which we feel you may need.

Name and Website

Your name and website address are collected only when you reach us using the contact form provided on the Contact Us page. We collect names with the sole purpose of addressing you properly when dispatching any email with content relevant to you. You can opt out of our email list at any time you desire. By following your website, we get to understand you better and see possible ways of establishing beneficial relationships. With your approval, we may link to resources on your site that we consider useful to our readers.


We welcome quest contributions from good individuals who desire to share their knowledge and relationship experiences to help others be better. You may be one of those whose content(s) we have published. Your articles remain entirely your properties. We do not republish or give someone permission to do so without contacting you first.

Log Files

We collect and use data contained in log files. The information retrieved via this means may include your IP address, ISP, browser type, time of visit and which pages you viewed on Relationship Watch. We used this information in analyses to understand how to optimize RW and its contents to serve you better.


Currently Relationship Watch does not use cookies. However, some of our present and future business partners may use cookies when they advertise on Relationship Watch. Cookies may send the advertisers information such as your IP address, your ISP and the type of browser you used to visit RW. Don’t be alarm, these information are normally used for geo-targeting purposes and for showing ads based on specific sites visited. Relationship Watch does not have access to, or control of cookies used by advertisers.

Note that you can delete cookies from your device. But deleting cookies does not mean you have permanently opted out of any advertising program. Unless you have settings that disallow cookies, the next time you visit a site running the advertisements, a new cookie may be placed on your device, most times with your permission.

You can also choose to disable or selectively turn off cookies or third-party cookies in your browser settings. However, this can affect how you interact with most websites.