Tips on How to Make Online Friendship an Envious Reality

You are updating say, your Facebook profile or simply skimming through posts posted by your contacts and come across a face that looks familiar. Maybe it’s someone you met once at a function or through a friend. Or maybe still, this person is a total stranger whose profile and post history catches your attention and you would like to get to know him or her better. You click the Add Friend button and soon they accept you as ‘friend’ for their own reasons. You understand what true friendship is and would like to see if you can make your new contact a true friend. Well, the journey for you has just begun.

To establish a special relationship with your new contact, you would have to make them develop interest in you and gain their trust. This is necessary before friendship becomes feasible. Luckily, their acceptance of your request is a major headway. You have an established line of communication, and communicating you must do. The following tips will help you in the process.

#1   Break the Silence

Usually, when you send people friend request and they accept you, they might not leave any message, expecting you to be the first to communicate. This might be a way of testing your commitment to make sure that you didn’t just accidentally click the Add Friend button. Be the first to break the silence. If you have met before, let the person know where you first met, he or she probably doesn’t remember you. You can let the person know why you requested to be their ‘friend’ and establish your interest to stay in touch.

#2   Stay in touch

Keep communicating with your potential new friend. Ask several questions. This is how you get to stir the conversation and know more about the person. Respond to their messages and share your thought with them via posts and messages. But bear in mind how your post might impact this person’s personal life, family and career path. Posts can have real world consequences. Since you are looking to build a special relationship with them, you wouldn’t want a post that would undermine your goal. It is important that you don’t post information that the person could later use against you if the relationship fails along the way.

#3   Be trustworthy

It is important that you present yourself positively but honestly to this person. But at this stage in your relationship you would want to keep certain information secret until they earn your trust enough to be privy to the information. For information you feel you can’t share with them just yet, let them know honestly that you are not ready to do so. Your honesty will earn you more trust.

#4   Show kindness and concern

Kindness cements the growth of trust and springs affection. As you already know, trust and affection are the key ingredients in friendship. Show great kindness and faith in your potential friend by believing in them. Even though separated by distance, this is still doable. For example, when the person tells you about a project they about to embark on, express believe in them even when they don’t have the same level of faith in themselves.

#5   Be trusting

Before you can expect your potential friend to trust you, you need to show them that you are trustworthy and have trust in them. Trust is a risk and since you want to make this person your friend, you have to take the risk. Your potential friend may respond to your messages with little interest initially but their interest level will grow with time. When this happens, they would begin to engage you in deeper conversations. It is important that you show them that you trust them, even if you are doubtful in some ways. There will be a lot of time for you to prove your trustworthiness.

#6   Talk on the phone

After much familiarity, you should consider taking the relationship communication beyond the social network. Talking on the phone is an excellent way to begin to create affection and get much closer. It introduces fresh energy to the relationship and gives it a clearer direction. This can get your friend to open up and share new ideas and thoughts that he or she couldn’t do through text messages.

#7   Meet face to face

This step is a very important phase in the befriending process. It can redefine your relationship with the person. If your potential friend can find time to meet with you it shows that they truly take you seriously. Frequent meeting will give you the opportunity to compare the person to their online personality. It presents the opportunity for you to prove you have earned each other’s trust. Meeting this person will determine whether you two can continue in friendship or cease to continue. Despite the fact that at this time you would develop enough ‘knowledge’ of your friend and trust for them, you should take caution when meeting them for the first time.

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