Love Is Something Neither Old Nor New

What is new and what is old, is a matter of time and circumstance

What is fresh and what is not, is by the same measure alike

Search for something new or something fresh, all the same you search for the old

For as time passes through the distant future, the new is made old and the old anew

Let not time rob you of the beauty of the moment you have

Neglect not the common and available ’old’, lest you trade it for an old anew

Change has us chasing the wind, making us feel there is something more

The wind then blows us hitherto here only to see that there is nothing really fresh

And then we fathom the past as new and wish we hadn’t flew to here at all

With fresh clues we stretch through time to distant past wielding our feeble hearts

Wishing we could have the glorious old thing back as new

But behold the old is new to someone else and so much so looks enviously new to us

And we cannot get hold of it anymore and begin to wish we hadn’t let go

I have seen people fortunately wonder back to the old-new from their blunders

But the majority others tender wild wishes as their old is gone beyond return to be new

While in fact the time is same for all, the circumstance is not and so time feels different

These makes me ponder a little on why they went asunder

More on why they chose to seek for something new

Instead of cherishing what is right at hand

There are no cues to explain my rue

But I have resolved not to wonder

Because there is really nothing new

And there is really nothing old

What there is, is simply something

Something worth working to earn again and again

Something worth valuing at all times

Something worth keeping at all cost

You and I know that love is something

But they chose to see it as old or new

Because they are too lazy to work for it

Or because it is too common they value it not

Or because it is too available they can’t keep it

And now they gaze at the distant future

Searching for something they can never keep

Waiting for something they can never have

Nothing is old and nothing is new

All there is, is simply something

Something that changes with circumstances

Circumstances of which we can often control

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