Here Is How To Know If You Are Perfect For Each Other

Here Is How To Know If You Are Perfect For Each Other

Do you sometimes feel a bird instead of a butterfly? No need to be worried if all of these is true.

The beauty of life is in loving and being loved. It is in giving and receiving, in solitude and sharing a life with someone special. When it comes to sharing a part of our lives with others, we often desire it to be worthwhile.

We want that person to be special, to be someone we feel safe and comfortable with. Someone we trust and believe in. We want them to be someone ‘perfect’.

If you are reading this article then you are probably wondering or have sometimes wondered if that person you are currently with is that perfect someone. Well, to begin with, there is no perfection in life, and especially not in a relationship involving two people. That’s because we are all human, and so imperfect. Perfection for every person is a journey.

Your partner is like you, imperfect. But that’s doesn’t make them any less special. Everyone is special.

So how do you know if you and your partner make a perfect team for life’s unpredictable journey? Trust your heart. If you feel that you and that special person make a good team for the journey of life then you are perfect for each other.

But in case there is no enough conviction in your feeble heart, which may happen sometimes (remember we are all imperfect), then here are a few things to consider.

#1  You love each other

This is an obvious one. The road of life is very long and winding. Love is the fuel that can make life’s journey smooth for two people embarking on it together. Let love be your primary reason for being with that special person.

If you are with this person because of their looks, money, power or prestige you may be disappointed along the way. All of these easily fade away. But love too has to be sustained through commitment and collective effort.

#2  You have common and complementary values

People often go into relationships with some expectations, consciously or subconsciously. In fact, you most likely fell in love with your partner due to some observed traits you admired in them.

It is not wrong to expect some qualities from a partner. Seek for a balance between qualities that complement your weaknesses and those you share in common.

If you and your partner share some common and complementary values then you are good to go. The journey of life will be much easier with you guys together.

#3  You fight fruitfully

Hey, bear in mind that the journey will not be without problems. This is true regardless of the distance you cover.

Somewhere along the road there will be misunderstanding and quarrels. The problem wouldn’t be the misunderstanding that sets in but rather, how it is handled.

Let love be the weapon you fight with. When you fight with love, you fight constructively and fruitfully. You turn a misunderstanding into platform for learning. Don’t let a problem linger on for too long; let it be resolved before bedtime. And never let things result to physical combat, you are not in it to win. Fight respectfully and productively.

This will help you to get to understand each other better. You will see that the long term result of those constructive fights is richer knowledge of each other. With more knowledge comes understanding, and vice versa.

#4  You are attracted to each other

Attraction is important, I cannot over state this fact. I believe it is one factor that drew you to your partner in the first place. It could have been their looks, intelligence, prestige, status or the likes. Keep whatever it is that attracted you to your partner.

Beside value attraction, you and your partner have to be emotionally and physically attracted to each other. It is a good sign if you are both genuinely interested in growing intimacy in your relationship.

#5   You keep each other’s secrets

Your partner is your partner. You guys will do many things together, confide in each other and share secrets. The question is whether they can keep those secrets. A perfect partner would protect your secrets as theirs.

A perfect partner is someone you trust even in their imperfection.

#6  You do things in together

The journey of life is long, and the road is winding. If you are in it together then you will need to do things together. What better way to make the journey lively than to play, laugh and dine together?

Yes, I agree that at times you may need some time alone. Everyone can use some private moments. But for the major part, you are going to be together. What do you do when you are together? You have to make those moment counts.

#7  You communicate often and well

Communication is crucial to the success of any journey. Consider a driver on the road for example. Even when no one is in the car with him, he is constantly in touch with the steering, the pedals and the road ahead.

The driver knows when to speed up, slow down and when to stop. He instructs the vehicle and it responds to accordingly. What happens when communication fails? There would be a breakdown.

Similar thing applies to relationship journeys. You have to master the act of communicating often and well to avoid any breakdown. Be constantly in touch with your partner emotionally, physically, verbally and nonverbally. Lack of proper communication damages relationship.

#8   You respect each other

I consider respect as love’s perfect wife, a much needed companion. Love alone without respect is bound to underperform.

Respect makes you see the beauty of love. It is the element that makes you adore your partner. If you love each other, then you should have no problem respecting each other as well. But unlike love which may sweep you off your feet, taking you forcefully, respect has to be earned.

If you and your partner love and respect each other, then you are a good match for each other. Everything else would come easily.

#9   You support each other

While there are things you do in common, there would be some others you won’t. It may be your personal ambition, your carrier goals or your interests. A perfect partner would gladly support you however they can to achieve your dreams.

They would do this because they believe in you, and take delight in your happiness. A perfect partner would desire to be a part of your success. Even when they lack the needed skills, they will strive to supply the much needed push for you to stay on track.

There is no greater way to grow emotional intimacy than to show concern and support towards your partner’s interests. That I think is a true demonstration of love.

#10  You put your relationship first, before money

Money, they say, makes the world go round. In other words, money talks, so everyone loves to have it. No one wants to be financially dumb, unable to address problems requiring money.

But the talk of money can also make trouble come around. And money originated trouble can throws a deadly blow on a relationship.

So many relationships, marriages inclusive, have ended due to problems anchored on finance. Sometimes it could be because one partner places interest in their carrier and achieving financial goals above the relationship. It may also be as a result of extravagant lifestyle or lack of clear spending formula.

It is important therefore, that you and your partner place your relationship first. If one person values the pursuit of money more than the relationship, the journey will likely end sooner than conceived.

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