How to Get People’s Attention and Get Your Message Across

We all want to be heard, to be listened to when we speak. To achieve this, you have to develop an expertise on how to get people’s attention, and keep it.

The problem is that sometimes, when we communicate, we don’t employ the right skills and approaches necessarily to get the message across.

For example, a husband will shout at his wife and still expects to be respected and even appreciated at such a moment. How can his message be well received?

People, especially those we are in relationships with – girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, children or parents, all have six subtle unconscious desires. If you appeal to these desires when you speak, your message will be well received. You will get people’s attention and earn deserving respect and appreciation.

Get people's attention

You don’t need to blow a trumpet to be heard and admired, whisper the desires of people and they will listen to you.

Here are six desires you should strive to satisfy in the person(s) you communicate with in other to get the best out of your conversation:

#1   To belong

Everyone likes to feel a sense of belonging. We all want to be a part of something. That a person gives you their attention is a proof of this quest. They want to be more than just your listener, they want to be heard too. Communication is a two way thing; don’t speak without giving room for the other person to contribute if they so desire.

#2 To be respected

Respect is said to be reciprocal. If you want to be respected by the person you communicate with, you need to give it first. Choose the right time to speak with them, and use the right tone. Say the right words.

#3  To be appreciated

Appreciation is closely tied to respect. Let the person know that you value their attention. If not for anything else, they deserve to be appreciated for giving you audience. When you do this, the communication will be smoother irrespective of what is being spoken about.

#4  To find romance

The person you are communicating with will have an ongoing need to maintain strong connection with you throughout the conversation. This is much so because you are in a form of relationship with them. You have to present yourself to the person along with whatever you say in a manner that will appeal to their emotions.

#5  To be liked

People have a deep-seated desire to be liked. In the work place, at home and among friends, we all want to be liked. The manner in which you speak to someone, and what to say to them, communicate your likeness or otherwise for them.

#6   To feel safe

Safety comes in many forms. You need to make the person you are speaking with feel emotionally and physically safe. Choose a time and an environment that is convenient for both of you to engage in the conversation. Create an atmosphere that make the person feel safe to participate, laugh, cry, agree or disagree.

Employ this approach each time you communicate with people, especially the ones you love and you will be have no problem getting your message across. Besides, it will make you a better person – one who understands how to relate with others in all circumstances.

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