Forgiveness heals relationships – choose today to forgive

We all expect our relationships to run smoothly without issues but this is not always the case. Relationships are usually riddled with troubles. Your ability to manage problems when they occur goes a long way in determining the success of your relationship.

Quarrels and disagreements resulting from failed expectations and differences in opinions are bound to occur from time to time in any meaningful relationship. Ideally you would want that there should be none of these issues but that would be to expect a perfect partner. As long as we are all humans, perfection is a process albeit unattainable.

Show me a relationship that has never seen the need for forgiveness and I will show you one probably based on falsehood, deceit and nonchalance. A good way to measure how much you love your partner is how easily you can forgive him or her when they do something to upset you.

Forgiveness usually follows an apology. However, forgive not because your partner renders an apology for their offences but rather because you value your relationship with them and yourself. It takes great strength to forgive in this manner. When you forgive, you free yourself from negative emotional bondage and heal your relationship.

In fact, forgiveness can be a therapy for strengthening your relationship. When you forgive your partner and make amend, a sort of restitution follows in the form of re-commitment and heightened romance. This freshen the emotional and romantic face of the relationship and increase your intimacy with your partner.

While forgiveness is a key to relationship success, events which give rise to forgiveness are potential dangers to relationships. Forgiveness clears way for a better future but it doesn’t erase knowledge of the past. The memories of such events may abide but your forgiving partner simply wouldn’t act on them. This is why forgiveness requires strength – the ability not-to-know what you know.

It is therefore important that you do not abuse your partner’s ability to forgive because of their love you. Show understanding and avoid repeating the same offence. You shouldn’t require forgiveness for the same behaviour too many times. This only shows that you do not take your partner seriously. A fresh need for forgiveness provides an opportunity for learning. Repeating the same offence over and over again only connotes lack of interest and commitment.

Your relationship would be better off without events altogether requiring forgiveness. Perfection might not be attainable, but we must strive to get better and better even in our relationships.

Forgive always but don’t abuse forgiveness.

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Have a beautiful relationship.

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