Finding Mr Perfect

From a very tender age I was very curious. I’d ask every imaginable and unimaginable question out of innocence and urge to learn about everything, little wonder i opted for philosophy as my course of study in the university. As i grew up, it was expected that I was going to reduce the question asking but it grew worse. It wasn’t that i was troublesome or naughty; on the contrary, I was so quiet that everyone thought I was going to turn out an introvert. Most times the answers to my questions were provided but as I grew I realized that there was one question whose answer lay in my heart.

“Who Is My Mr Perfect?”

Mr perfect

Ladies! Let’s get to the nitty-gritty.

Many ladies or young women dream of their perfect guy as TDH (Tall, Dark, Handsome), extremely rich, rides posh cars, stays in houses we only see on MTv’s “Cribs”, has a “to-die-for” accent (I’m a sucker for the British accent myself) and looks like he just walked off the pages of a fashion magazine and in general has got enough swag to make everyone go wild. I’m not saying we shouldn’t aspire to get a guy with all these qualities but many forget that the “Perfect Man” exists only in our minds and not in reality. It takes an intelligent girl to realize that a “Mr Perfect” may not qualify for most of the conditions on that outrageous and extremely unrealistic list of your dream husband (Yeah!)

That’s why he exists only in your dreams and fantasies).

It is usually said that at the age of 16, most ladies already have a perfect image of their perfect man. This includes height, weight, skin colour, income bracket et al. As time goes on, she adds more qualities to her age and by the time she is ready to get married, there will be no single man on earth that would meet her exact standards.

It is of great importance to bear in mind the fact that no one is perfect. We are all humans and it is our nature to err. Even the rose plant with all its beauty and perfume has thorns on its stalk. Everyone/ everything come with a price. The only important thing is to be with someone who’s worth the price and who thinks you are worth yours. But there’s no point hanging on to a man who assaults you physically or emotionally. If he does that while you are still dating then you can be sure of being a punching bag even before you get to the altar.
It’s high time we realized this and started paying more attention to that guy. Yes! That guy who has potentials. That responsible and god-fearing guy who may not fit the criteria but is good by general standards before he becomes tired of your rejections and switches to another girl .P.S- I’m not saying you should say “I do” or ‘Yes” to that and irritating guy with “no future ambition” or a wrong’un (I personally do not have any interest whatsoever in guys that are not good-looking, irresponsible and lack potentials).

You! Yes you, the girl reading this! Will fall in love real bad and will not remember checking that silly criteria of yours. Then you will not remember you made a list of criteria to be met. The gospel truth is that he may not even qualify for half of the list but he’ll be your “Mr Perfect” because he’ll be all you’ll ever want and think of and long to live forever with. So let’s get realistic and put those outrageous fantasies out of our heads. Since those criteria of yours will never matter so why not tear it off now!

P.S- As young women, we should realize that anything we do today will definitely come back to haunt us in our later years. So why don’t you be careful in making decisions so you won’t live a life of regrets. You don’t have to date because everyone is doing so. Being single doesn’t mean being lonely as long as you have family and friends.

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