Family Comes First – Create a Family Success Strategy

Family is a unique class of relationship that bears its own challenges and beauty. It is the greatest investment there is to make. And as with every investment, family success requires good planning and decision making. With proper strategies in practice, family becomes the most valuable thing we have. It is an important source of the right energies for collective development of society.

When a family is not rooted on endearing practices, principles and culture, it becomes a lesser priority to individuals belonging to it. Such individuals may resort to putting their career first in life, or relying on indulgences and the company of friend to feel alive. It is important that your immediate family be in good shape. This will make you and every individual therein, better members of the global family – humanity.

Below are some strategic measures and decisions that can make your family life much enjoyable and place your family health in better state.

#1       Make your family your highest priority

When you build a good family, you invariably build a nation and humanity at large. Make your family a priority higher than your work and other interests. Create time for your family and engage in activities such as eating meals together, visiting places together, playing together and engaging in other activities of interest.

TOGETHER is the key word here. This practice fosters a sense of unity among family members. It equally provides opportunities for building confidence, growing trust and teaching love and other values which are indispensable to individual and societal growth.

#2       Create room for personal space

Spending time with family is good. Having some time to oneself is equally important. Know when you spouse or child needs some space to be alone. Avoid engaging them with activities at such time that could be done at later times. As much as you live as a family, everyone exists as an individual. Personal space provides opportunities for self reflection and remodeling. In fact, such time provides you the opportunity to observe the individual from outside the ‘noise’ of togetherness.

#3       Set clear and time bound family goals

Setting family goals is a key to family success. This may be daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly objectives as the case may be. They should be communicated clearly so that every person aligns his or her interests with them. For example, a daily goal could be to eat dinner together at the family table and have a family devotion.

It is important to have clear schedules for each activity. It’s not enough to say you would have family devotion each day, fix a time for it. This way, every member knows what and when. This makes it easier to secure people’s commitment towards achieving a set goal any day, fostering family success.

#4       Don’t be too authoritarian with your children

A major aspect of family management entails dealing with children. Often parents have the tendency of being dictators and resort to using iron hand to ensure that a child conforms to their rules. Most times this method is met with stiff resistance especially when the child is of age. A better approach is to treat children with a mix of love and authority. Remember your own childhood; notice that you didn’t know then the much you know today.

Life is a journey, and sometimes too much is expected from children by their parents. The starting point is to set clear expectations. For example, assign weekly tasks and ensure the child has access to resources needed to perform the task. Follow up to see that the task is done. Don’t always expect that your child should know what you think they must do.

#5       Take interest in your children’s lives

Be genuinely interested in your children’s lives especially their studies. Help them through their homework. Be interested in their school activities; sport competition and the likes. Be equally interested in knowing their interests and friends. When you do not like the friends a child keeps, be diplomatic in handling the issue so as not to hurt your child’s feelings unnecessarily. Use the same diplomatic approach in cases where the child engages in interests you do not buy into. When a child sees that you are supportive, listening and wants the best for them, he or she would heed easily to your guidance and corrections.

#6       Build healthy morals and values

Morality is the fabric of a healthy society. Your family is a part of the larger family, humanity. Family success is therefore important for the success of humanity. Cultivating the right moral values in your children would make them better members of society. Teach them right behaviours beginning from their tender age. The mistake most parents make is leaving this task to their children’s schools to perform.

Your lofty school fees most times only guarantees a formal academic training, morality is better taught at home. Religion is another institution that teaches moral values. Most religions have frameworks regarding personal behaviour meant to guide one in determining between right and wrong. Bringing up your children as true Christians for example, will cultivate in them such characteristics as love which is basis of morality.

#7       Manage your family finances

Good financial decision making is a key factor for family success. Money is gotten from hard work. Acquiring money requires time and effort sometimes at the expense of family attention. It is therefore only needful to manage money well for the interest of the family.

For many men, a woman who can not only manage a home well but their finances as well is the best there can be. You and your spouse should decide on the right strategies that would work best for the family. As much it is important to spend on immediate family needs, it is equally important to save for the rainy days. If your purse runs dry, your pots could remain empty and that isn’t good for the health of a family.

#8       Love your spouse and children

Love is the ultimate strategy for family success. Where there is love there is lots; lots of everything you could ever need. What you need most in a family is peace, joy, unity and the life energy that says ‘here is a happy family’.

Shower your spouse with love and your children will learn from you. Do not let the idea of ‘family’ make you forget the ideals of a beautiful relationship. Don’t outgrow the kind of friendship and blissfulness that existed during courtship and in marriage before the kids come knocking. In fact, it is by sustaining your love for each other that you can love your children and consequently teach them how to love others.

#9       Adopt a positive approach to life

Finally as a general rule, adopt a positive approach to life. When you are optimistic things tend to work out as you plan or even better in the end. It is said that thoughts are things. What you conceive and believe are the very things that come to you. This may sound celestial or motivational but it has been observed to be true.

Create a positive mental image of where you want your family to be in the nearest future. Put up a plan of action to achieve your set goals and work on the plan. Believe that you will achieve your target. Don’t forget to carry your spouse and children along. Remember that you are not just building a family you cherish but humanity by extension.

Have a beautiful family life!

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