Celebration By Reflection – A Better Way To Celebrate Your Birthday

Birthday celebration has today become a special aspect of people’s lives world over. As a child, you probably anticipated your next birthday even before the current one comes to an end. The day was usually planned by your parent. Depending on their budget and schedule they may throw a special party, inviting friends and families over. A week or more before the B-day you couldn’t stop thinking about the many gifts and smiles you would receive. The day comes and passes swiftly away, leaving you with sweet memories and fresh hope for the next birthday.

Today, being an adult, most of that may have changed for you. Your parents hardly or no longer plan the celebration for you. The responsibility now lies on you, your partner and your friends. Your partner may plan something special, inviting friends over to grace the day with surprise gifts, bright smiles and a lovely candle-light cake. Some years you might just play it low key, whereas some others you may actively plan and celebrate it, announcing to the world how happy you feel to turn say 30.

Whether you choose to celebrate your birthday in an elaborate or low key manner, there are many places and ways to make the day worthwhile. You may choose to go have a drink with your friends in a special bar, you could decide to spend the day doing what you love to do, or maybe try something new. For most people birthday celebration is a lot about throwing party, with the degree of the party determining the level of the celebration – low key or elaborate.

Despite the seemingly traditional nature of birthday celebration, there are people who don’t celebrate their birthdays at all. For some this is due to religious reasons, for others it could be tight schedules or even absolute lack of interest. Some others may even feel that they have outgrown the practice. I personally think that every individual should embrace the tradition of celebrating birthday. It is a celebration of life. If you can celebrate your marriage, the acquisition of a new job, a promotion at work, the birth of a new business, and other life achievements then you should have no problem celebrating your birthday. Your birth made those achievements possible.

You may choose one of the ways hinted earlier to celebrate but I do have a proposal of a better and more rewarding approach to celebrating your birthday. I call it “Celebration By Reflection”, CBR. The beauty about this proposed approach is that it can be done in collaboration with the conventional methods. You can incorporate the practice into even an elaborate birthday party if partying is your sure way of celebrating.

I define Celebration By Reflection (CBR) as an approach to celebrating by which individuals assess themselves primarily by themselves and through feedback from others close to them with the goal of becoming better than they have been and increasing their future potentials. Now that is lengthy but it is meant to capture my point. The interesting thing about this approach to celebrating is that there is always a good reason to celebrate. Life is a progressive movement. Whether or not you have done well up to this point, you get to think about how you can improve in the course of the following year.

CBR is a celebratory practice of self reflection and assessment with focus on self discovery, self recovery, and self development and improvement. You were born to fulfill a purpose here on earth and you can’t do that through random living. It is when you take active charge of your life that you can discover life’s purpose. Through CBR, you celebrate life; being thankful for the journey so far and thoughtful of what lies ahead.

So how do you really perform a CBR? The answer is simple – you think. You engage in purposeful thinking about the many achievements you made within the year, your faults and failures, and your omissions. You think about your vision, goals and aspirations. Think about your relationships – family, love life, friendships and marriage. You also think about how you think, how you act and how you react. Generally, reflect on the past, dwell in the moment and envisage a better future. It is important that you create a quit atmosphere for this exercise.

The CBR exercise can be done without any input from others. However, you can decide to seek the views of those close to you on certain aspects of your life especially regarding your relationship with people. But what you receive should only serve as data for meditating upon and not a resolution. At the end of the celebration, you will find that you are equipped with a better mindset and drive to face the next year.

Celebrate your birthday, celebrate your life. Or what would you rather celebrate, and how?

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