The benefits of being in a long distance relationship

Long distance relationships… It feels sad, I know, but it’s not entirely bad.  If you love the person you are in a relationship with, such sweet sadness can only make your relationship stronger.

Being in a long distance relationship for some time can actually be good for you.

Absence, they say, makes the heart grow fonder. This is true, and in the same way distance makes the heart grow stronger.

Most people shy away from long distance relationships. Sometimes, when physical distance becomes necessarily the case for an established ‘no-distance’ relationship, the relationship could begin to witness problems. Partners with long distance relationship experience are better prepared to avoid or handle such problems. Experience is said to be the best teacher.

long distance relationship

Distance is not a barrier where two hearts are united, nonetheless the pain is real.

When you are in a long distance relationship, you learn…

Communication – how to communicate well with your partner, and get to know each other at a very deep level. Sometimes people can be seen and heard clearer from a distance.

Trust – Your trust would be put to test and along the way, and grow much stronger. You learn to believe in your partner, or disbelieve in them.

Patience – Through distance, you develop patience and perseverance, which useful for sustaining a physical relationship.

Commitment – This one is simple. No any long distance relationship will work if both partners are not equally committed. You need to try to blur out the distance by providing enough time for your partner and for the relationship.

Appreciation – Long distance relationship teaches you to appreciate your partner more, and to savour and cherish the time you do get to spend together.

Closeness – You naturally miss and desire your partner earnestly in a long distance relationship. This creates a strong emotional bond between you. It even ensures physical closeness when you are together; you know what it feels like to be without them.

Planning – Long distance relationships require plenty of communication. A lot of that communication is made possible through proper planning. You need to plan when to communicate and how to communicate affection and intimacy. Video calls would have to be arranged for a time convenient for both of you. Missed phone calls would have to returned, and text messages sent to remind your remind your partner that they are always in your heart. These require time, thoughtfulness and planning.

Survival – Long distance relationships are tough to keep, and if your relationship can survive the distance it means that they can survive anything.

You get to learn all these in a manner that physical relationships cannot teach you.

But long distance relationships are not without their down sides. Sometimes communication becomes a problem. You may struggle to find things to talk about. But in overcoming your struggles you learn to communicate better. Jealousy can set in, but viewed positively it teaches you to trust.

Moderate jealousy can even spark attraction and a new appreciation for your partner. There is also the issue of misunderstanding and miscommunication. In a long distance relationship it is much harder to access nonverbal cues like gestures, body language, eye contact, facial expression and even voice tone. This makes effective communication harder, and could be the root cause of many problems. But all of these problems are the very things that would make the relationship stronger when surmounted.

It is a fact that many physical relationships experience distance at some point. One partner may travel for business for certain period of time, or necessarily relocate to embrace a new job, or go for a study abroad. The experience that such separation brings would be entirely new to the relationship. Virtually no relationship can escape problems. And in fact, the issues mentioned above equally apply to no-distance relationships.

One thing is certain; long distance relationships require hard work. It can feel frustrating, lonely and fearful to love someone who lives far away. You want the relationship to work but sometimes you wonder whether you can overcome the distance between you. That is a normal feeling, don’t let it distract you.

Relationships that experienced long distance especially during the early stage grow strong and healthy. They are resilient, enduring and lasting. So don’t be afraid to embrace that potentially beautiful relationship even if the person is far. And don’t be overly worried if your partner is relocating to a new place for some reasons. Look on the bright side; the distance is not going to be forever. While it lasts, learn the teachings, and your relationship will be much happier when you meet.

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