About RW

The Vision

Hello, welcome to Relationship Watch. I am Emmanuel James, an enthusiast passionate about helping people establish and maintain healthy relationships. I believe that society can only be as good as the relationships we keep with ourselves and the people around us. Relationship Watch (RW) is inspired by my interest in helping individuals, friends, couples and families maintain healthy and enjoyable relationships. RW is born out of my passion to share opinions, experiences and knowledge on relationship issues, with the goal of helping people to grow and sustain blissful relationships with themselves and others around them.

Relationship Watch is not just a catalog of my ideas, it features contributions from different people on their experiences, opinions and knowledge.

At Relationship Watch we capture knowledge broadly through News, Views and Stories covering different aspects of life, all of which can help our readers improve their relationships.


RW draws insights from relevant information published on newspapers, magazines, trusted websites and other sources across the globe to shed light on important relationship topics in society.

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RW relies on people's experiences and knowledge to provide informed opinion on issues and topics that may inspire different aspects of our relationships.

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RW reports on events, ideas and occurrences including people's experiences, which are relevant in inspiring healthy relationships.

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Write for Us

Do you desire to contribute to this great knowledge base? That’s good because we need you too. We welcome guest posts from everyone including experts in relationship counselling, therapy, and mental health professionals. Share your expertise with us and help people learn to improve their relationships or even overcome relationship struggles. Through your contribution on Relationship Watch, troubled individuals, friends, couples and families will get to connect with you and seek advice from you. Even if you are not a relationship expert, but have had special experiences in relationships or you have knowledge that can improve people’s lives and relationships, you can also write for us. We invite peope to write articles on topics centered on the categories of Friendship, Love, Sex, Marriage, Family and Self. Your stories, ideas or learning can inspire and help someone lead blissful relationships and enjoy life much better.

If you are interested in contributing to Relationship Watch, here are some submission guidelines to follow:

SUBJECTS – Article topics must be related to Friendship, Love, Sex, Marriage, Family, Self (individual improvement). Basically you can cover anything. The main question your write-up should answer is "How does this affect my friendships, marriage or family?" or "How does this make me better and strengthen my relationship?”

WORD LIMIT – There is no restriction as to the length of articles – get your message across. However, we prefer if you keep things moderate. Our articles are mostly between 300 and 1400 words. Anything within or slightly above that range is fine.

STYLE – Ensure that your content is easy to read and understand. Add subheads and points wherever possible and highlight important phrases. It helps if you use simple straightforward sentences.

ORIGINAL CONTENT – We only accept original articles that have not been published elsewhere. Updated versions of published works are acceptable. After your article is published on Relationship Watch, you are free to republish it anywhere online in the future.

Thank you for considering sharing your knowledge or experiences with us. Kindly reach us using the contact page or simply send mail to relationshipwatch[@]gmail.com.

Together we make our relationships better!