8 Rewarding Habits and Practices for Success in a Relationship

There is need to create and mindfully shape your relationship habits in other to have a healthy relationship. Habits are formed and can be learned. This article explains some habits and practices that you can learn and put to use to give freshness to your relationship.

Below are 8 rewarding habits and practices which you may want to consider for the health of your relationship:

Habit 1:   Say “I love you” in many ways

This is for me the ultimate habit worth practicing in a relationship. It is a master healer, an excellent refresher, and a great fortifier. What is love if it can’t be expressed? I hope you will agree with me that it is no love at all. Reminding your partner from time to time how much you love and cherish them does a lot of good to your relationship. There are two ways to do this. The first is by what you do, and the second is by what you say.

True expression of love is seen in the way you act. What you say may be meaningless unless it is supported by corresponding action. Help your partner with some tasks at home, don’t side with other people, take time to listen to them, and admit when you are wrong. These are some common actions by which love is expressed. As a general rule, treat your partner as you would want to be treated except in cases where they prefer something different.

Words come next to action in expressing love. What you feel doesn’t matter much if it is not communicated. And if you can act it, say it too. Compliment your partner in public, let them know why you love them, and tell them how much you care about them. Say to them “I LOVE YOU” at appropriate moments. And in my opinion every moment is appropriate. Do not assume that your partner already knows that you love them so there is no point to say it. Reassure them of your love in words often.

Habit 2:   Create meaningful words that only you two understand

Words are things, they are things which come out of us and can get into us. Like food they can nourish or poison us. What you say is as important as what you think if not more important, especially in a relationship. Creating and using special words with important meanings gives unique perspective to your relationship. The uniqueness derives from the distinguished nature of the words so formed.

If you are so in love with your partner you will agree with me that there are times when you can hardly find a word that can describe what they mean to you. Imagine if you have the choice to create just the right word that rightly conveys your inexpressible feelings. This may not be achievable but nonetheless stop imagining and realize that it is worth a try. Use whatever agreeable words that can convey the message and add that uniqueness. Try this and you would be amazed at how refreshing it can be.

Habit 3:   Make the most out of your time together

With so many responsibilities and activities overwhelming your daily life, you may have not enough time to spend with your partner. Or maybe even the whole time in the world wouldn’t be enough to spend with him or her. It is good that you feel this way but what do you do with the little time you have to spend together?

Sometimes we value less the presence of those we love only to say how much we miss them when they are away. Try to make every moment count. Make it special and memorable. Do not undervalue your partner’s presence even if you see them often. Make every moment remarkable.

Habit 4:   Do unexpected things for your partner

Pleasant surprises are a great way to express love. Just be sure that your partner is the type that welcomes such surprises. You need to understand your partner to be able to decide whether or not the surprise you are planning for him or her will be welcomed and appreciated. You may be planning secretly to throw an alfresco beach party on their next birthday. This is a great idea but if your partner is not the beach-party type of person, the reception would be poor.

Also, they may have a different plan altogether for the day. Even if you believe they would welcome such a surprise, it is important to make some background check to be sure that the timing would be right. It is a good practice to ask questions regarding their schedule at the early stage of the planning process. This will give you an idea of whether or not to go ahead with your plan. Depending on how you go about it, the secrecy of your surprise package would still be intact.

Habit 5:   Be committed to helping them grow

Support! Take this off any serious relationship and what would be left is no-relationship. Furnish your partner with the needed supports in anything they do and you would be amazed at how effective this practice is. In fact, this is not supposed to be a difficult thing to do. It is a fundamental requirement in a loving relationship.

You should be there for them and with them during trying times even more than you were when the times are good. Give your partner courage, lend them a helping hand and strengthen their weaknesses. There is no better time to prove your love than during difficult and trying times. Support your spouse at all times necessary.

Habit 6:   Text to remind your partner you love them

Remember how I said earlier that words are things, texting is one of those things. Text expresses your thoughts. Sometimes it is best to say it in words, and other times in writing. A combination of the two is best for all times.

Some people find it hard to communicate their feelings in words. They show their love through actions but rarely used words to express it. If you are the type, then try communicating your feelings through text messages. Capture your thoughts in their freshest moments and send via text. But don’t forget to learn how to express them in words also especially when you are with your partner.

Texting is sexy and romantic. Text messages from those we love do have life; they make you feel closer to your partner each time you read them. Don’t rely on chat; you cannot compare chatting with texting. By chatting you communicate with our partner but by texting you touch them. Know when to use which.

Habit 7:   Eat food together when you can

I love this one. It is a very romantic thing to eat meal with your partner when you are together. Whether you choose to do this in your privacy or in public the choice is yours. The common denominator is the bonding derivable thereof. I have seen couples, especially in marriage, who commonly neglect this important practice.

A healthy practice can be to set fixed time for dinner for example. This way, a partner would rarely have excuse not to participate in the romantic ritual. You can’t be on the dinner table eating alone while your partner is in the sitting room watching TV. This is seriously unromantic and unhealthy for your relationship. When you dine together you bond together. Choose today, to dine with your partner as habit or tradition.

Habit 8:   Cook special meal for your partner from time to time

A special treat to a delicious meal, who wouldn’t love that? Breakfast in bed on a fresh Monday morning, lunch on a sunny Sunday afternoon or delicious dinner on a beautiful evening. Whichever you feel like, just give your partner that special treat to a meal you have prepared specially with love for them. Do this once in a while and see how much it can transform your relationship.

Don’t worry if you are not the best cook in town. As long as you have that spice called LOVE you are good to go. The sweetest thing about the meal is the gesture not the texture or taste. Just make sure you eat together in love.

These are but a few rewarding habits and practices you can imbibe to keep your relationship healthy and fresh. Remember that habits can be learnt, and more easily too than to forget. Learn habits and practices that would make your relationship wonderful.

Have a beautiful relationship!

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