10 Signs Your Partner Has Lost Interest In The Relationship

We all want the relationship we cherish to last forever, or at least for as long as we can imagine. Sadly, sometimes that is not what we get. A relationship may become a bit shaky or even come to an end because a partner has lost interest. But before this happens, there are always warning signs.

In a healthy relationship, one shouldn’t worry about the stability and security of the relationship. If you have concerns regarding the stability of your relationship, your fears may or may not be founded in reality.

When in doubt, it is good to have a heart to heart conversation with your partner about your feelings to really be sure about their plans to continue in the relationship.


The 10 signs your partner has lost interest below are meant to serve as guide to helping you know when to engage in such conversation. None of them is supposed to be the sole yardstick for drawing conclusions.

Signs that your partner has lost interest in you, and the relationship are:

#1 They have been a little selfish recently

If your partner has lost interest, you will start to notice sign of selfishness. Your needs and desires become second place to those of your partner.

Decreasing concerns for a partner’s interests have bearings with relationship conflict, selfishness and unhappiness, and could eventually lead to breakup. You must be sure you are not guilty of this yourself.

#2 You feel like you have done something wrong

Do you feel like apologizing when you have done nothing wrong? It could be that your partner gives you the silent treatment, making you feel like you did something wrong. If this happens too frequently it may be an indicator that your partner has lost interest in the relationship.

Loss of interest can grow into contempt. When a person no longer cares about your wellbeing, your presence can make them grow angry and resentful. This resentment can express itself as a negative emotion towards you. If you have been paying attention, you will know when you are unwanted.

#3 You are no longer included in their social activity

Did your partner stopped including you in the enjoyable things that they do? And maybe they don’t even share the stories with you.

If you use to do certain things together and your partner is now doing them without you, it is clear that they have lost interest in doing them with you.

#4  Your partner doesn’t have time for you anymore

Your partner may not have ever told you straightforwardly that they just don’t have time for you anymore, but if their actions say it, then it’s true.

You don’t have to wait to be told. If you are unsure of their treatment, ask for explanations.

#5 Your partner disrespects you

They hardly do, and suddenly they began disrespecting you. Your partner insults and belittles you in front of others or even in private. Their words are hurtful, angry, and anything but kind and loving. This suggests that they have lost interest in you.

#6 You engage more often in unfruitful argument

If you rarely used to fight, but now you engage frequently in unfruitful arguments resulting to quarrels, then it could be that your partner has lost interest in everything with you except for arguing.

#7  They stopped listening to you

They used to be good listeners, and value your advice but now they don’t. You have asked your partner to change a negative behaviour but they have refused to do something about it.

You may have reminded them that they have stopped treating you in a certain way, but they refused to change. Clearly they have no interest in changing their behaviour for you at this point in your relationship.

#8  That loving feeling is gone

You still have feelings towards your partner, but they no longer give you meaningful love. You can’t remember the last time you were held, cuddled, comforted or treated with loving kindness. This is a pointer to the fact that they are withdrawing from you, that they may have lost their feelings for you.

#9  They start keeping things from you

Emotional cheating, withholding information or outright lying and physical cheating are all clear indicators of lost of interest. If you suspect that something has been going on behind your back, it may well be the case. If your suspicion is confirmed, you have your evidence.

#10   No sign of commitment, no future plans that include you

They have never expressed a desire to take the relationship to the next level or proposed to you. If you are not getting signals of wanting to stay in a committed relationship from your partner, it is not a good sign of continued interest in you.

If a partner has interest in you for a long term relationship, their plans for the future will include you.

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