10 Great Birthday Gifts For Your Nigerian Girlfriend

So your girlfriend is proudly Nigerian. And today is her birthday or maybe the day is soon to come, and you are thinking of the perfect birthday gift to give to her? Worry no more, just read on and you will soon come to a resolution.

First, I want you to know that you are not alone. Many guys find it difficult to decide on what gifts to give their girlfriend whether on her birthday or any other day. This is especially true because of the popular believe that Nigerian girls love expensive or flashy things. I however think this generalization is unfair and misleading especially to people in committed relationships.

The truth is that everyone loves flashy things, males and females alike, irrespective of nationality. It is only a matter of extent or degree. I mean, who wouldn’t like an exotic car for a gift, or a well furnished apartment in a desirable settlement?

So when it comes to giving gifts, instead of worrying so much about how much money you have in your pocket to spend, think about the recipient. Your girlfriend is someone you are emotionally connected to. A gift to her should necessarily have two dimensions in terms of worth – the romantic part and the physical part.

Make no mistake, Nigerian girls are romantic or at least are learning to be.  Often, Nigerian guys in relationships focus less on the romantic dimension of gifts. They think instead of how much the gift is worth or how flashy it looks. This predisposition accrues to the belief that Nigerian girls are materially inclined.

The guys through flamboyant gifting, sometimes in a bid to lead wooing competitions, enforced the false belief. Then the media came along and reinforced it as norm. The good news is that this perception is changing as Nigerians are beginning to embrace values that make for healthy relationships.

Today, if you give your girlfriend an expensive or flashy birthday gift without the right romantic attitude, your gift may be undervalued. After all she is possibly self reliant and can afford what you are offering. An exception to this is where the girl still holds on to the common (but now changing) belief. That, I think, is unhealthy for a relationship.

So what’s the best birthday gift for your Nigerian girlfriend? Well, this is a relative question. Don’t worry, I didn’t lead you hear to abandon you. The important point to note is that whatever it is, it should be given with love. Your Nigerian girl is romantic and is probably romance-starved if you have not joined the change wagon.

Haven said that, here are 10 things you can do for her as a birthday gift which she would really appreciate:

  1. Spend time with her at home, do something fun: Let her spend time in your arms after a meal while you both watch a good movie together. Or you could simply do anything fun which you haven’t done in a while.
  2. Go with her to the market, be the cook for the day: Follow her to the market (no, you are not going ‘shopping’). Buy whatever is needed to prepare a dish she loves but hasn’t taken in a while. It doesn’t matter if you are a good cook or not, prepare and serve the meal. While you eat, let her know how much you cherish her and the day she was born.
  3. Go shopping, buy her something she desires: Go shopping, alone, not with her. Get a full basket, include something she desires or really love. Present the gifts to her as a surprise and spend some time with her before her friends snatch her.
  4. Ticket to see a movie or a play, buy for two: Get two tickets and take her to see a movie or a play she has been talking about. If you have no lead, pick something you feel she might like. It’s best if you make it a surprise. Find out her schedule for the day before picking a time.
  5. Make for her a customize shirt, with inscriptions: the message could be a short birthday wish, or just anything you consider appealing to her. Keep it simple and short.
  6. Take her to try out a sport, if she is inclined: If she is a sport lover you guys have probably been watching football matches together. Now is time to try something new. Take her to watch polo or have her try golfing.
  7. Organize a birthday party, could be small and in-house: This one is very traditional but nonetheless relevant. If you have been doing this over the years then you definitely have to pick something else. Try something new.
  8. Go tourism, choose maybe a wildlife park: everyone loves nature, or so I think. A visit to any of the wildlife parks or even a popular zoo can be very memorable. Even if she has gone to the chosen park before, you could still go there. With the right attitude the experience will surely be different.
  9. Eat out, choose a place with romantic settings: This is another popular one which hardly fails. Romance cannot be denied especially on a day like this. And who doesn’t love good food? Go somewhere special, advisably somewhere different if you have done this before.
  10. Buy her something she cherishes but no more has: Materialize her memory of something she once cherished. It may be something rare, search for and purchase it as the birthday gift. Her greatest appeal would be to your effort. For your effort, she will value the gift even more than the one she once had.

I do hope one of the above gifts sounds about right for your girl. If not, be creative. Think. You could even ask her what she wants for her birthday – it is not wrong.

Lastly, I want you to remember that it is not so much about the gift as it is about the giving – the attitude and intention. Learn to understand your woman, and you will have fewer problems getting her something she will appreciate.

If you don’t have enough money, don’t think too much, do something little and ‘present it big’. But if you have a swollen pocket, you can spend even lavishly on an expensive gift for her. Whatever it is, it is important that you give it with love. In a serious relationship, love makes a common gift the ‘perfect’ present.

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